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Wallpaper Installation

To the laymen, hanging wallpaper is not easy.  There are many things to consider before, during, and after your wallpaper project.  Many couples have jokingly and even seriously told me that attempting to hang wallpaper together nearly severed there bond of matrimony.  First one must consider wall preparation. Are the walls smooth? Is there wallpaper to be removed? Do the walls need to be primed? After the walls are in good shape, it's time to start hanging.  But where to start?  If the pattern will continue around all corners and come back to meet itself, at that point there will be a mis-match.  This is called the "planned mis-match."  The planned mis-match is usually chosen to be in the most inconspicuous corner.  Also, it's important to consider where each seam will fall.  You don't want to get stuck trying to hang a 1/2 inch strip next to a corner, door/window trim, etc.  While hanging the paper, of course you want to match the pattern piece to piece, but also you must consider "drift."  If your seams are not level, the pattern will appear to drift up or down, left or right, along level surfaces such as door trim, base board, and crown moulding.  That raises another question: are the surfaces in the room level?  If not, even with perfectly level seams, the pattern will appear skewed in relation to the off-level surface.  All of this sounds like enough to give a person nightmares, and believe me, in my younger days it has.  At this point, I have learned how to handle any wallpaper issue, and I can honestly say that hanging wallpaper is now my favorite type of work.