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Ceilings often receive little attention, but you will be surprised how when freshly painted they will brighten your home, and you will realize just how dark and dingy they were before. Wallpaper Pros has the skills and tools to finish your ceiling just the way you like.  We can even spot repair your popcorn ceiling and spray on new texture.  For painting ceilings we use an airless sprayer, masking off walls and fixtures with painter's plastic. 
Do you have popcorn ceilings and want them smooth?  If the ceiling has never been painted, then this task is not too difficult.  It is a just a matter of spraying it with water, scraping off the texture, then making repairs to smooth out inconsistencies.  If your textured ceiling has been painted, it may be better just to repaint them.  If you must have them smooth, it still may be possible to scrape them if there is only 1 or 2 layers of latex paint.  If oil paint or primer was used, the best solution is to install 1/4 inch sheet rock over the existing ceiling.  This way you can acheive the look of perfectly smooth ceilings.  The other option is to scrape, sand, and skim coat the textured ceiling, which is much more labor intensive and will not produce as good of a result as the new installation.